This is feedback from a customer who owns a Yamaha SR20

This is feedback from a customer who owns a Yamaha SR20 - HJDECK

This is a magical story, starting from a transparent PE film.

A customer needs a complete set of EVA skid pads for yamaha SR20 boats

And I searched my work records for nearly 10 years, but there is no such drawing.

Therefore, we can only suggest customers to cover the film and draw a picture, cover the surface of the boat with a transparent PE film, then fix it with glue, and then use a marker to draw the position and area where the non-slip mat needs to be installed.

Then it was sent to us, and we were very impressed when we received it. This is a set of drawings for a ship deck mat set that sails across the ocean.

We drew the CAD file as soon as we received it, and then produced the EVA sheet. At the same time, we processed the first set of stencils with waste CNC, covered it with the received PE film and took pictures for the customer to confirm. Then produce the finished product.

After it was produced, it was sent to the customer. The customer was very satisfied and immediately installed it on the deck of his ship. At the same time, I took videos and photos (the pictures of the ship and the installation in the article were taken by the customer)

Did you see this, there are 2 small flaws on the boat deck mat, we found it, because it is a PE film, the drawing is not very accurate, it doesn't matter, we have made 2 pieces for the customer for free, and then sent them out.

Very satisfied with the yamaha SR20 boat deck kit.


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