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Who is Hjdeck?

Hjdeck is a professional manufacturer dedicated to innovative and professional EVA foam decking sheets and surfboard traction pads also can customize boat flooring, providing customers with high-quality products and a better experience. Our product can be widely used in boats, yachts, kayaks, surfboards, SUP, pontoon, jet ski, john boat, RV flooring, golf cart, swimming pool, stairs, gardens, cooler tops seating, etc.

How is Hjdeck applied?

Hjdeck EVA mat with strong adhesive backing; after you ensure the area is clean and dry, you just need to peel off the backing paper and stick it on. Take your roller and roll in a back-and-forth motion from the center of the piece. Apply even pressure to ensure no air is trapped beneath the pad.

What are the benefits of using boat deck mats?

Boat deck mats offer several benefits, including slip resistance, protection of boat surfaces from damage, and added comfort and cushioning for passengers. They can also help reduce fatigue and stress on the feet, legs, and back.

How do I clean my boat deck mats?

Most boat deck mats can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution; some can even be power washed. However, following our cleaning instructions is important to avoid damaging the mat.

What do I cut Hjdeck with?

Hjdeck EVA Foam Sheet can be easily cut with a sharp razor knife.

Will boat deck mats damage my boat's surface?

No, boat deck mats are designed to protect boat surfaces from damage. However, it's important to choose a mat suitable for your boat's exterior and follow our installation instructions to avoid any potential damage.

Can boat deck mats be customized to fit my boat?

Yes, We offer custom feature options to ensure a perfect fit for your boat. And for more information, see the Custom Features page.

Where should I send my Dry Fits or Templates?

Please contact us, we will send you the receiving address.

Are boat deck mats easy to install?

Yes, our boat deck mats are designed to be easy to install and require no special tools or skills. However, following our installation instructions is important to ensure a proper and secure fit.

How long do boat deck mats last?

The lifespan of boat deck mats can vary depending on usage, exposure to sunlight and weather, and maintenance. However, our high-quality boat deck mats can last several years with proper care and maintenance.

Can boat deck mats be used in saltwater environments?

Yes, our boat deck mats are specifically designed for saltwater environments and resist corrosion and other saltwater-related issues.

What sizes do boat deck mats come in?

Boat deck mats come in various sizes to fit different boat models and types. We offer standard sizes, while others offer custom sizing options.

How do I choose the right boat deck mat for my boat?

When choosing a boat deck mat, consider factors such as the type and size of your boat, the material and texture of the mat, and any specific features you may need (such as UV resistance or custom sizing).

Do boat deck mats prevent slipping?

Yes, boat deck mats are designed to provide slip resistance, even in wet or slippery conditions. However, choosing a mat with a texture and material that provides sufficient slip resistance for your needs is important.

Can boat deck mats be used on any type of boat?

Boat deck mats can be used on most types of boats, including powerboats, sailboats, and personal watercraft. However, it's important to choose a mat that is suitable for your boat's surface and usage.

Is the product pet-friendly (dogs)?

Yes, can be as the non-slip mat for your lovely pet, a cat's exercise wheel pad, etc.

What is the return policy for boat deck mats?

Return policies can vary depending on the manufacturer and retailer. It's important to check the return policy before making a purchase to ensure that you can return the mat if it doesn't meet your needs.

What is the ideal temperature for installing marine flooring?

The ideal application temperature range is 70°F to 100°F (21°C to 38°C). It is not recommended to apply tape for the first time on surfaces with temperatures below 50°F (10°C) because the adhesive will become too hard to bond easily. However, once properly applied, retention at low temperatures is usually satisfactory.

What surfaces can I install marine flooring on?

The adhesive backing adheres primarily to flat metal and fiberglass surfaces. For some uneven or textured surfaces, such as wood and plywood decks, it is recommended that additional adhesive be used to enhance adhesion.

What can I do to extend the life of my boat flooring?

If you are going to store your boat, please use a boat cover to prevent UV damage, wind and rain.