Hjdeck vs. SeaDek - Unveiling the Ultimate EVA Foam Boat Flooring Comparison

Hjdeck vs. SeaDek - Unveiling the Ultimate EVA Foam Boat Flooring Comparison - HJDECK

When it comes to marine flooring, there are numerous brands that have been in this industry for years. Choosing the right EVA foam boat flooring is crucial for both aesthetics and functionality. In this comprehensive guide, we dive into the Hjdeck vs. SeaDek debate, exploring the nuances to help you make an informed decision for your marine investment.

Marine flooring is made from EVA technology, an elastic polymer (natural elastic fiber) that can be made into a rubber-like material that is flexible, cushioning and very resilient. As a foamed rubber, EVA can be used to cover a variety of surfaces, especially small boats, fishing boats and large yachts, as well as outdoor poolside flooring and RV step covers.

Hjdeck vs. SeaDek

When it comes to custom deck floors, Hjdeck is a supplier of EVA marine foam flooring technology and SeaDek is a distributor of EVA marine foam flooring technology. Looking at the marine decking products from both companies, there are many similarities between their foam floorings.

Both Hjdeck and SeaDek claim the following benefits for their EVA foam floors:

  • Made of PE/EVA closed cell foam
  • Ideal alternative to traditional molded non-slip flooring and marine carpeting
  • Provides UV resistance, noise reduction and protection of boat surfaces
  • Neither Hjdeck nor SeaDek products absorb water and are considered "waterproof" marine flooring materials (even when scratched or punctured)
  • Provides traction in both wet and dry conditions
  • Both Hjdeck and SeaDek foam floors reduce foot and leg fatigue through the shock absorbing properties of the foam and maximum comfort
  • Both products claim to be stain resistant when properly cleaned
  • Both flooring products are formulated with an acrylic-based, highly adhesive pressure-sensitive adhesive that can be peeled and taped.


  • Hjdeck offers options with higher hardness and densities, which provide enhanced resistance to wear and tear, superior anti-slip properties, excellent durability in high-temperature environments, and reduced risk of deformation or melting. These characteristics make it an ideal choice for hot weather areas.
Hardness testing

EVA Foam Flooring Characterization Options

  • Both Hjdek and SeaDek offer customizable flooring options using state-of-the-art CNC machines, digitizers and CAD designs.
  • Hjdeck and SeaDek have six (6) design options to choose from. Similar styles: Standard, Pin Line, Teak-like, Hexagonal, Fish Scale, and Diamond.
  • Texture options are available in brushed and embossed.
  • Hjdeck and SeaDek offer customers the ability to apply laser logos.
  • Hjdeck offers 19 color options and 24 color combinations; SeaDek has 35 colors.
  • In terms of EVA foam thickness, Hjdeck offers customers 5 mm in one color; 5 mm in standard thickness and 6 mm in two colors; and 9 mm in 3 colors SeaDek offers 3 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm in one color; 6 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm in two colors; 9 mm in 3 colors for additional personalization; and 23 mm (thickest).

To learn more check out our customization options page: https://www.hjdeck.com/pages/custom-features


  • SeaDek offers fish patterns based on original artwork by Captains Stephen Ferrel and Geoff Chinn (Note: Any type of pattern can be applied to Hjdeck and SeaDek EVA foam flooring.)
  • SeaDek has more single color options, but Hjdeck needs to provide samples or provide pantone for customization for other colors.
  • SeaDek is the thickest foam flooring at 23mm compared to 9mm for Hjdeck.

Product Pricing

  • Sheet material:
  • Hjdeck 94.5"x45.2" boat flooring: $99.99+shipping $25
  • SeaDek 40"x80": $99.99
  • Fish Rulers:
  • Hjdeck 40" Fish Ruler: $21.99 + shipping $18
  • SeaDek 36" Fish Ruler: $47


  • Based on a comparison of the two products, SeaDek is slightly more expensive.

Company Information, Product Warranty, Customer Service:

  • Hjdeck, founded in 2013, is a well-known company that specializes in the design, manufacturing, and sales of cutting-edge EVA yacht mats and surfboard mats. Their products feature an impressive range of texture patents and SGS certifications, earning widespread acclaim and fostering a loyal customer base worldwide. Headquartered in Rockledge, Florida, SeaDek initially emerged in the surf industry and has continuously innovated in the field of foam applications.
  • EVA foam flooring products have a life expectancy of 5-7 years (longer with regular cleaning, maintenance and care).
  • Neither company's products are guaranteed against damage from pets.


  • SeaDek's EVA comes with a 3-year material warranty; PSA's are not warranted due to uncontrollable conditions.
  • SeaDek has been in the industry longer.

Conclusion Hjdeck vs. SeaDek

SeaDek and Hjdeck offer highly comparable marine flooring products with similar features, performance, and applications. SeaDek, with its long history in the surf industry, brings a wealth of experience to the table. On the other hand, Hjdeck stands out with its superior material properties, such as hardness and density, as well as competitive pricing. SeaDek offers a wider range of single color options and foam thicknesses, which can be advantageous in certain cases. Ultimately, the choice between the two brands depends on individual preferences and specific requirements.

When it comes to marine flooring, selecting the right EVA foam material is a worthwhile investment that greatly impacts the boating experience. High-quality and durable flooring materials not only enhance the lifespan of the boat but also provide protection and comfort to the users. Both Hjdeck and SeaDek are trusted suppliers of reliable boat flooring materials used by boat manufacturers and owners for custom flooring and detailing applications.

In making your decision, consider factors such as warranty coverage and customer service. Conduct thorough research to gather all the necessary information, but trust your instincts to guide you towards the brand that resonates with you.


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