1.What is Hjdeck?
Hjdeck is a professional manufacturer, dedicated to innovative and professional EVA foam decking sheet and surfboard traction pad, also can customize boat flooring, providing customers with high-quality products and a better experience. Our product can be widely used in boat, yacht, kayak, surfboard, SUP, pontoon, jet ski, john boat, rv flooring, golf cart, swimming pool, stairs, garden, cooler tops seating, etc
2.How is Hjdeck applied?
Hjdeck EVA mat with strong adhesive backing, after you make sure the area is clean and dry, just need peel off the backing paper and stick it on. Take your roller and roll in a back and forth motion from the center of the piece. Apply even pressure to ensure no air is trapped beneath the pad.
3.What colors are available?
Please refer to the color cards, Regular brown with black/white, gray with black/white, black + blue/red/green, camouflage color, but also free to match the color you want.
4.What is the best method to clean Hjdeck?
Can be washed with mop, broom, vacuum cleaner/pressure washed.
5.What do I cut Hjdeck with?
Hjdeck EVA Foam Sheet can be easily cut with sharp razor knife.
6.How do I get custom cut product?
Please contact us, we need to confirm your boat model and year. You also need to tell us customized color, texture pattern and logo you want.
7.What is the largest size I can order?
8.What is the life expectancy?
Can be used for 1-5 years.
9.If I choose to remove the pad how do I do this?
You need to use tools to clean the surface of the deck.
10.How do I prep the surface?
Completely wash the entire area where installation will occur (remove all grease, adhesive, mold-release, wax, dirt, and other substances). Ensure the area is completely dry before install.
11.Can you do custom logos?
12.How much is it for custom logos?
Please consult us and provide the logo pattern and size you want to customized.
13.How do I order samples?
Please make your purchase at our sample link, thank you.