2024 Hjdeck Updates on EVA Foam Boat Flooring

2024 Hjdeck Updates on EVA Foam Boat Flooring - HJDECK

For 2024, Hjdeck is making significant updates to its EVA foam boat flooring, with a focus on improving EVA flooring properties and enhancing adhesive backing. These updates were designed to provide boat owners with a superior and more reliable flooring solution. In this blog post, we'll explore the key updates Hjdeck made and provide some valuable tips for boat owners considering installing EVA foam boat flooring.

Hjdeck EVA foam marine flooring

Enhanced Features of Hjdeck EVA Foam Marine Flooring

1. Improved EVA Material: Hjdeck has upgraded the EVA foam material used in marine flooring. The improved material provides better cushioning, higher durability and greater resistance to abrasion. The camouflage colored EVA flooring is significantly less prone to discoloration.

2. Thicker Backing: Hjdeck EVA Foam Marine Flooring has increased the thickness of the backing to provide stronger adhesion and ensure a stronger installation.

Hjdeck eva flooring installation

Installation Tips for Boat Owners

1. Consider the weather conditions: If you received your EVA Foam Boat Flooring in cold weather, it is recommended that you wait for temperatures to return before installing it. Alternatively, you can gently heat the adhesive backing with a hair dryer to help restore adhesion.

2. Allow sufficient curing time: After installing the EVA foam flooring, it is important to allow 1-2 days for the adhesive to fully bond to the hull surface. This will minimize the risk of the floor loosening in water or developing raised edges.

3. Properly Clean and Prepare the Surface: Before installing a new floor, make sure the boat's surface is clean and free of dirt, grease and wax. A clean, smooth surface improves adhesion and makes for a stronger installation.


Is Hjdeck's EVA foamed marine flooring durable?

Yes, Hjdeck has physically upgraded the EVA foam marine flooring to make it more wear resistant and durable.

Do I need to consider weather conditions when installing EVA flooring?

Yes, if the weather is cold it is advisable to wait until it is slightly warmer before installing. Alternatively, the adhesive backing can be heated with a hair dryer to restore adhesion.

What are the benefits of EVA foam marine flooring?

EVA foam marine flooring offers several benefits, including comfort underfoot, slip resistance and ease of maintenance. It provides a cushioned surface that improves safety in wet conditions and is easy to clean and maintain!


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